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For LGBTQ people the coming out process can be both difficult and liberating. PFLAG understands the coming out journey and we offer our support and unconditional love to people at any point in their journey.

For most people it takes time to know who you are and it’s okay to be confused, or to be uncertain about whether (or how) you should come out. Remember: you are not alone. There are people out there with the same questions and concerns that you have. And there are people who have already found their own answers. PFLAG is here to help you Be YOURSELF!.

Every day in communities large and small across the country, PFLAG is working to help keep families together. PFLAG support group meetings provide a safe space for LGBTQ and questioning people to share their feelings and experiences, to explore their identity, and to seek the acceptance and unconditional love that our members have to offer. PFLAG has chapters in almost 500 communities, and most of them have helplines, websites and/or e-mail services you may contact at your convenience.