Support for Straight Spouses

Finding out that a spouse is LGB or T is a tremendous challenge and the beginning of a new, unexpected journey. The straight spouse is often devastated and feels isolated from most family members, friends, professionals and even LGBT organizations that do not understand or know how to address his or her unique issues.

The process of discovering peers helps straight spouses realize that they are not alone. It is through the support of these peers that many straight spouses are able to resolve issues and help their family to heal.

PFLAG acknowledges the unique concerns of straight spouses and the importance of including their voices. For many years PFLAG has worked closely with the Straight Spouse Network (SSN) to help in providing confidential support and resources to straight spouses as well as help them find a network of peers if they choose to. SSN also offers research-based information about spouse, couple, and family issues and resources to other family members, professionals, community organizations, and the public. SSN is the only support network of its kind in the world.

Visit the Straight Spouse Network